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Connecting Generations for a Better World!

By including the "IG Factor" as a regular consideration in your plans and events, you will actively participate in the most age diverse families and communities in history. Visit our website and Facebook page often to share experiences and learn of new intergeneration opportunities!

IG Intelligence Test reveals your intergenerational knowledge of your family.
Families with high IG IQ's are healthier and happier over the generations.

What is Your Health & Happiness Score?

Dr. Duke and Dr. Fivush of Emory University developed the “Do You Know Scale” to predict children’s emotional health and happiness. Leaders in other fields found similar results in studies of adult individuals, families, organizations and the military. Management experts say successful human enterprises of any kind require a core identity.

The Scale is a series of questions that tests your knowledge of family history. This knowledge has been proven to be a predictor of personal success. Therefore, this intergenerational scale may be used as an excellent IG Intelligence Test.

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"Knowledge is the greatest gift to future generations."
             — Sandy Kraemer - Intergeneration Month Founder

Connect All Ages Together Campaign

Help yourself and others connect generations throughout the year. Let us know about your participation plans in our All Ages Together Campaign! - click here -

Intergeneration Month: September (IG Month), or any time, is a perfect time to plan an activity.

Individuals, families, non-profits, businesses, any person or organization can participate in the All Ages Together Campaign.

Activity Suggestions for Individuals, Families, Non-Profits and Organizations:

Intergeneration conversations, storytelling, meals, parties, reunions, walks, competitions, programs, faith based events, musical and thespian performances, readings, publications, internet interaction, school, college and university programs, political debates, volunteer services, fundraising and donation of money and goods.

Activity Suggestions for Businesses:

Promotions, coupons and discounts, restaurant and catering services, events and performances, games, financial planning, estate planning, gifts, cards, internet and telephone communications, travel, parties, photography, advertising, flowers, products and services. Business people take note: Mother’s Day generates over $20 billion in retail sales.

The All Ages Together Campaign is an international campaign started in conjunction with Intergenerationmonth.org in the year 2014.

Send us the details of your participation plan to: Intergenerationmonth.org

We will select plans to post on the website. Check the website regularly to see the All Ages Together Campaign participation plans.

Send Us Your IG Participation Plans to List Online Now!

Growing Importance of IG Month

Intergeneration Day, now expanded to Intergeneration Month, is recognized by proclamations from 43 state governors and Puerto Rico. Generations United, the largest intergeneration NGO in the world, has participated since the beginning.

Some Participating Organizations:

American Library Association, American Association of Museums, National Easter Seals, Microsoft Corporation, Ent Federal Credit Union, World Jurist Association, National Association of Estate Planners and Council, American Council of Life Insurers, Centura Health, Florida Department of Elder Affairs, Silver Key, University of Colorado Center on Aging , Stanford University Center on Longevity, Illinois Intergenerational Initiative, Temple University Center for Intergenerational Learning, British Columbia, Canada ...and many more, including scores of organizations, countless families and individuals.

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Intergenerational Storytelling Contest with Cash Prizes

Start Planning Now! Intergeneration Month September • Communicate, Celebrate, Educate... Connect All Ages Campaign... Start Planning Now! Intergeneration Month September • Communicate, Celebrate, Educate... Connect All Ages Campaign... Start Planning Now! Intergeneration Month September • Communicate, Celebrate, Educate... Connect All Ages Campaign...

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